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A game changer in making trawling more sustainable and efficient

Reduced fuel and emissions
Health, Safety and Environment
Increased revenue and efficiency
Improved fish quality and quality



Improved fish quality and quality

Our better catch methods increases fish quality and the quantity of fish suitable for human consumption, this is good for business and the environment.



Increased revenue and efficiency

Ecotrawl increases revenue for ship owners through smart technology and efficiency. We believe in the triple bottom line, People, Planet and Profit.



Reduced fuel and emissions

The Ecotrawl system will drastically improve trawl net steerability and fuel consumption. This combination reduces CO2 emissions by 30%



Health, Safety and Environment

No direct forces from the trawl to trawler makes it safer for onboard personnel. Precision fishing reduces bycatch, diversity in ocean habitats.

Our solution

“The Ecotrawl will with its disruptive trawling technology, be the next generation in the trawling industry."

Our powerful electric Autonomous Underwater Drones (AUD) will replace the conventional trawl doors. The thruster units replace the traction power from the trawler vessel and the thrusters are supplied with electric power from a generator on the trawler.

The AUD units are controlled in the water with side and depth rudders. A trawler control system collects sensor data and controls the propeller units and thus the trawl's course and depth in the water.

This solution will provide a far more environmentally friendly and efficient trawl.

Our studies show that an average trawler will increase the catch volume by up to 20%, saving 30% fuel and reducing by-catch.

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The results
Fuel consumption
Reduced fuel consumption
Fishing efficiency
Improved fishing efficiency
Precision control
Offers precison trawling
Fishing efficiency
Increased fishing efficiency by 20%
Increased profits
Increased trawler profit by 50%
Data collection
Enables analytics driven fishing
Sustainable development goals

“Ecotrawl makes trawling more environmentally friendly by reducing by-catch and climate gas emissions "

A key aspect of Ecotrawl is our impact on the environment by making ocean harvesting more sustainable through the use of technology. Our drone systems reduce by-catch by precisely controlling the trawl path.

Global food insecurity is a pressing issue, Ecotrawl prioritizes combatting food waste but delivering higher-quality catch.

Ecotrawl will foster global growth, through its innovative contributions to the fishing industry.

Ecotrawl will harness advanced technologies and embracing innovation and expanding globally.

Ecotrawl aids in sustainably managing ocean resources byemploying resource and impact decoupling.

Ecotrawl contributes by raising climate awareness and supporting related initiatives through collaborating with global partners.

Implementing a gentler trawling method will minimize pollution, curtail marine contamination and safeguard marine ecosystems.

The Ecotrawl team will collaborate globally, harnessingexisting resources and integrating new ones to our maximize impact.

As ocean harvesting grows in importance, Ecotrawl will emerge as the pioneering leader in the field.

Ecotrawl is making trawling more efficient and environment-friendly

Ecotrawl features in The Explorer magazine

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Ecotrawl is making trawling more efficient and environment-friendly

Ecotrawl features in The Explorer magazine

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